Le camping en valais

A fascinating land of contrasts nestling in the heart of the Alps. The region enjoys an exceptionally mild climate and above-average exposure to the sun. The River Rhône flows through this fertile, 150 km-long valley which is surrounded by impressive peaks that beckon to mountaineers and fill nature lovers with joy. Located at a cross-roads were the snow meets the sky and North meets South in perfect harmony, the region was predestined to become a " Holiday Kingdom ".

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Vissoie | Valais Central
Altitude: 1200 m
Places for passage: 36
Place for residential: 32
Ski lift: 10 km
Ski de fond: 10 km
Tennis: 10 km
Hanggliding: 10 km
Price Adult
High Season
CHF 6.50
Price Child
High Season
CHF 3.25
Tax adult
High Season
CHF 2.50
Tax children
High Season
CHF 1.25
Price Tent
High Season
CHF 8.00 / 10.00
Price Caravan
High Season
CHF 10.00
Price Camping Car
High Season
CHF 13.00
Price Dog
High Season
CHF 2.00
Motorbike bike
High Season
CHF 3.00
High Season
CHF 6.00
Tax electricity
CHF 2.00
CHF 3.00
Playground for children
Summer season
Turf treated
CVW member
3961 Vissoie
Phone +41 27 475 14 09
Fax +41 27 475 13 56