Le camping en valais

A fascinating land of contrasts nestling in the heart of the Alps. The region enjoys an exceptionally mild climate and above-average exposure to the sun. The River Rhône flows through this fertile, 150 km-long valley which is surrounded by impressive peaks that beckon to mountaineers and fill nature lovers with joy. Located at a cross-roads were the snow meets the sky and North meets South in perfect harmony, the region was predestined to become a " Holiday Kingdom ".

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Président M. Jean-Nicolas Revaz – jean.nicolas.revaz@gmail.com

Vice-président M. Olivier Foro – olivier.foro@brigerbad.ch

Caissier M. Hervé Rossier – info@molignon.ch

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Association Valaisanne des "Campings Valais-Wallis" (CVW)
Route du camping 1
1963 Vétroz
Office +41 27 346 19 40